• EasyCmm is a disruptive product which inter-connects any CMM software with all leading CMM hardware.

  • With EasyCmm, CMM users enjoy great flexibility, using their existing (and future) CMM hardware with their preferred CMM client software, including scanning and error mapping functionality.

  • EasyCmm is already successfully installed and used in dozens of production sites, enabling substantial cost saving and operational efficiency.


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Edit any error map. Calibrate any CMM.

XpertMapping is a revolutionary software utility suite, which allows  you to calibrate all leading CMMs, without the need to be dependent on the CMM vendor.

if you are a provider of CMM calibration services, with XpertMapping  you will substantially extend your business and possibilities. If you are an end client, XpertMapping can reduce your calibration expenses.

XpertMapping Suite is divided to two main functionalities:

  1. XM-Comp - A powerful calibration tool which enables you to drive almost any CMM for performing the actual calibration and collect new compensation values. XM-Comp supports both step-gauge and laser calibrations. XM-Comp is based on EasyCmm I++ server.

  2. XM-Editor -A smart editor which can import and read most of the leading CMM error maps update them with new compensation values and save them back in  the controller or CMM PC software. XpertMapping supports all leading controllers: Mitutoyo's (UC-200, UC-400), Hexagon's (B3C, FB2, DC), Wenzel's, LK's and Zeiss's. The new values may be collected by XM-Comp ,or by any other CMM software such as PcDmis, LK Cameo, Calypso etc.

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